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Limang rason baket kaya mong pumasa gamit ang The Parent's Guide to UPKAT !

#1 Comprehensive Coverage

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#2 Access to Online Review Programs

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#3 Access to Mock Exams & e-Tests

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#4 Realistic Practice Questions

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#5 Highly Recommended by the Academic Circle

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order, and how much?

For only ₱000 with free shipping nationwide promo, offered EXCLUSIVELY on this website. Simply click the ORDER button. You will receive a physical book with exclusive access to Online Review Programs, Mock Exams, and e-Tests. Gawa ng UP scholars para sa 'yo!

How to access the mock Exams, e-Test and the Online Review Program?

Upon receiving the book, please check the inserted paper for instructions or refer to the Preface for the link to the one-time registration process, granting you permanent access to our online support tool. Kindly complete the registration, after which our administrative team will promptly email you your username and password.

When can I receive my order?

Rest assured that we swiftly dispatch orders within 24 hours after your purchase, ensuring meticulous packaging with protective sideboards and double plastic layers. However, the actual delivery timeframe may vary depending on your location. We kindly ask you to refer to the full product description for the estimated delivery date in your area. Please manage your expectations accordingly. Thank you very much.

Tell me more about the content of the book

I. Language Mastery Made Easy for your UPCAT & CET Preparation

a. Parts of Speech (Decode each part with precision)

b. Subject-Verb Agreement (Perfect S-V-A every time)

c. Vocabulary (Expand your word horizons)

d. Synonyms & Antonyms (Navigate similar & opposite words with finesse)

e. Verbal Analogy (Conquer the common UPCAT & CET verbal challenges)

II. Master the Art of Reading Comprehension

a. RC Tips & Techniques (Ace Reading Comprehension questions in UPCAT & CET)

b. Practice Test (Know the common RC questions in both English & Filipino)

III. Mastery of Quantitative Reasoning in UPCAT & CET

a. Basic Math (Solve common questions found in UPCAT & CET)

b. Algebra (Tackle Algebraic challenges in UPCAT and CET)

c. Geometry (Master geometry problems in UPCAT &CET)

d. Trigonometry (Unravel Trigonometry puzzles in UPCAT & CET)

e. Statistics (Decipher Statistical topics tested in UPCAT & CET)

f. Pre-calculus (Prepare for UPCAT & CET with pre-calculus insights)

IV. Science Questions in UPCAT & CET

a. Earth Science (Frequently encountered questions)

b. Biology (Master Biology topics in UPCAT & CET)

c. Chemistry (Typical questions featured in UPCAT & CET)

d. Physics (Ace Physics problems in UPCAT & CET)

V. Ace Abstract Reasoning for CET

a. Spatial Reasoning (Elevate your spatial awareness)

b. Perceptual Acuity (Sharpen your perceptual insights)

c. Numerical Patterns (Decode non-verbal patterns)

VI. Exclusive Access (Online After-Sales Support)

a. Online Mock Exams

b. e-Test

c. Self-paced Online Review Programs

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