The UP Kindergarten Admission Test or simply UPKAT is one of the two entry points to UP Integrated School. The other is Grade 7 Admission Test (GAT), administered only when the projected Grade 7 enrollment falls below the required student population. To date, the UPIS maintains a student population of 100 students per grade level. Below are the general requirements for kindergarten admission:

  1. Kindergarten applicants should preferably be 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 years old by the time of enrollment.
  2. Kindergarten admission is based on
    • performance in the Kindergarten Admission Test (KAT) and
    • parentage – sixty percent (60%) of qualified applicants must be children of University personnel.
  3. In case of a tie for the last few slots for children of university personnel, all students with the tied score may be admitted provided the number of admitted students does not exceed 5% of the number of slots allowed. In the event that the number of students with the tied score exceeds 5%, drawing of lots will be done to determine who will fill up the remaining slots up to plus 5%.
  4. Prepare the following documentary requirements:
    • Two (2) recent 1 ½” x 1 ½” identical photos
    • Original Birth Certificate from the National Statistics Office
    • Clear photocopy of the original birth certificate
    • If born abroad: bring original passport and a clear photocopy of it.
    • One long, white letter envelope with postal stamp. On the envelope, write down the applicant’s name, the name of the applicant’s parent /guardian, and the address with zip code where you want to receive the UPKAT results notification.
  5. Application forms are available at UPIS website (for children of non-UP personnel) or at UPIS High School Building.

Reserver now your copy of the PARENT’S GUIDE TO UPKAT!



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